Operating its own fleet of shuttles in yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean, FLOAT is able to guarantee a high level of service across its range of all inclusive, stress free trips available by the seat!

In a revolutionary blend of technology, on-demand, premium service and yachting, FLOAT unlocks an ocean of a luxury to a wider than ever audience by allowing to purchase tickets on fractional yacht charters.

Step 1:
Pick a destination

Currently servicing destinations such as Monte Carlo, St Tropez, Cannes and La Guérite, FLOAT trips have been planned by our in-house team of experts for your utmost enjoyment. Everything from the pick up, to the lunch in the world's most prestigious beach restaurants to the drop off has been masterminded to leave you to relax. On our star St Tropez - Pampelonne Beach route, we've partnered with the Yacht Club of St Tropez and Tahiti Beach to offer the best possible service to our users.

Step 2:
Pick a shuttle

FLOAT operates two classes of shuttles: OPEN for its shorter day trips and FLY for its long haul daily excursions. Depending on the destination, shuttles may depart multiple times a day to allow you maximum flexibility during your choice. When you book your shuttle, just put in how many seats on the trip you will need and these will be set aside for you, to ensure you get the most out of your trip we limit the maximum capacity to 8 although our shuttles could carry 12.

Step 3:
Instant booking

Once you have picked your destination, date and time you can click to instantly book the seats on the shuttle and receive the tickets straight to your inbox with your instructions as to how to reach the pickup point and join your shuttle. That easily you've just booked your ticket for our luxury yacht trip at a 20th of the cost of alternatives.


Established in the summer of 2017 by a team totaling decades of experience in the yachting space, FLOAT has pioneered the concept of fractional yacht charters and is the first travel agency to offer yacht charters by the seat.

Our goal is to make the process of booking a yacht charter as easy, transparent and enjoyable as possible by both simplifying the set up process and lowering the price point through the invention of shuttles. FLOAT trips are all inclusive, allowing for a straightforward booking process. By selling charters by the seat and allowing to share luxury yachts, making them more accessible than ever, FLOAT has lowered the price point for an individual seat to a fraction of what a regular charter would cost.

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