Frequently Asked Questions

Operating its own fleet of shuttles in yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean, FLOAT is able to guarantee a high level of service across its range of all inclusive, stress free trips available by the seat! In a revolutionary blend of technology, on-demand, premium service and yachting, FLOAT unlocks an ocean of a luxury to a wider than ever audience by allowing to purchase tickets on fractional yacht charters.

Why use FLOAT?

  • FLOAT lets you enjoy the freedom of yachting at a fraction of the cost by letting you purchase seats on luxury yacht charters. Using our website or app, you can instantly see availability and book your seats on cruises run by our expert yachting team across various destinations.

How does the seat concept work?

  • FLOAT runs shuttles using its own fleet across several routes. On each one of these routes FLOAT then lets users buy individual tickets to go on the yacht trip along with, possibly, other users.

How many people can be on the yacht at the same time?

  • FLOAT's fleet can in theory carry 12 people at a time, we however limit to a maximum of 8 people at the same time to make sure you have enough personal space to enjoy the yacht.

Where do I board the yacht?

  • Each destination has a designated pick-up point which can be seen under the Destinations tab and will also appear on your e-mail ticket.

Where does the yacht go?

  • A pre-defined trip has been specifically designed by our yacht experts to make sure you have the best possible yachting experience. This will likely include your yacht trip to a beach, swimming time, lunch and loungers on the beach and then your trip back to your pick-up point, champagne included, of course.

How long does the trip last?

  • Duration can vary depending on the destination, however departure and return times for our shuttles are always indicated in the trip destination description and your ticket.
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